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Higher Education Scholarship Program

The Guito & Rozwell Joseph Memorial Scholarship

The Giving Grace Foundation and the Joseph family is pleased to offer an academic scholarship in memory of Guito and Rozwell Joseph. We promote education and we want to assist by giving a helping hand to the youth who need extra support to thrive and reach their goals.

We want to thank all of the applicants for this year's round of scholarship awards. Special thanks to our partners,

Barnstable High School and Steel Valley High School.

The 2021 Guito and Rozwell Joseph Memorial Scholarship winners are:

HAROLD MARCZELY - Barnstable High School

NICK CATTABRIGA - Barnstable High School

ANGELA FICHTER - Steel Valley High School

CAMILLE MATUSKY - Steel Valley High School


Congratulations to our scholarship award winners! We commend your hard work and all of your achievements. Keep up the great work as you embark your collegiate journey.